The internet isn’t safe


The internet isn’t safe

Mar, 03/12/2019 - 00:12

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The internet isn’t safe

Although we have all become accustomed to using the internet on a daily basis, this does not make it any safer. Nevertheless, it seems that the average person is blissfully unaware of the dangers they face by simply surfing the web every single day.  In fact, experts assert that despite the fact that 72% of Americans believe they are safe while surfing online, someone is a victim of identity theft every two seconds. This means that many of us are essentially living in a dream world with regards to being properly protected online. That said, the following is a list of issues that are affecting our cybersecurity as a whole.

Data Breaches

One of the top reasons the internet is unsafe is that there are constant data breaches. No matter how careful you are with your own personal information, you have likely been involved with a data breach at some point. Indeed, despite the fact that companies try to assure you that the information they collect will remain private, big-name companies are continuously experiencing breaches in which thousands, if not millions of people’s information is being exposed. For instance, the Equifax data breach is one of the most important breaches in recent history. This is not only because millions of people potentially had their information stolen, but it’s also because the information that was stolen was financial information that could allow hackers and those who purchase this type of information to use it to purchase things illegally for many years to come.

Cloud Abuse

Another reason the internet is unsafe is the issue of cloud abuse. Although most of us have taken to using the cloud as a method of easy storage, the cloud is far from a safe place. In fact, clouds are often hacked and many people’s private pictures, videos, etc. are stolen. This can not only be embarrassing, but it can even be life-ruining. For instance, for those who may have compromising photos and/or videos on the cloud, the exposure of these items can serve to ruin personal as well as professional relationships. For instance, we have repeatedly witnessed celebrities and other public figures experience fall-out from fans because of the fact that their inappropriate videos/ photos were leaked. Additionally, there has also been an array of public figures who have been blackmailed and extorted in order to prevent this information from being leaked to the public.

Malware Attacks

Another common issue is malware attacks. Although many people may not be concerned with these attacks, they are an ever-present threat. These silent attacks install malicious software into your computer or device and can ultimately serve to compromise your entire system. Not only that, but they can allow hackers to steal your sensitive information.


Another of the main issues affecting the internet are phishing sites. And the main issue with these sites is that people often do not realize they have been a victim until it’s far too late. Phishing sites are sites that appear to be official sites but actually steal their information. Moreover, they often send out emails that seem to be from a reputable company. This makes people much more likely to click on these sites and enter information. Nevertheless, there are not very many ways to prevent phishing sites from existing. Rather, people have to be much more careful when they are surfing and sharing information on the web.

Insider Threats

Another lesser considered internet issue is insider threats. For those who are yet unfamiliar with the term, insider threats are threats to your network or information from those who you work with and/or trust. For instance, disgruntled employees, contractors, temporary employees, and many more are examples of the types of people who may pose an insider threat. Either way, these people may steal and purposely leak information, or they may just be negligent in the handling of your information, which can make it easier for others to steal the information from your company.

Overall, the internet is rife with threats to our cybersecurity. Although many of us do not want to believe we are unsafe, there is a preponderance of evidence that suggests that the internet is getting progressively less secure. Additionally, despite the fact that there are various strides being taken to address this issue, on the whole, the average person is on their own with regard to making sure they are secure while surfing the web. Fortunately, by purchasing things such as VPN’s, you can safeguard your information from potential hackers of all kinds. Not only do they allow you to remain safe and secure while on your own network, but a VPN can also even protect you while surfing the web on public networks. Rather than attempting to go it alone on the web, a VPN can serve to keep you safe on the web no matter where you are in the world.